I have been really looking forward to hosting and reading Sassy’s 5 Top Tech Wishes.

5 Tech Wishes
Sassy and her gorgeous guide dog Ida.

Sassy is a disability blogger and lives near London with her fiance Gary and guide dog Ida.

She promotes awareness and inclusion, alongside inviting others with a disability to share their story too.

Over to Sassy with her 5 Top Tech Wishes.…….

‘Technology is amazing. In the last 10 years alone, technology has advanced to a level that makes having a disability easier to manage. In most cases it allows a person with a disability to become more included in the online world.

Of course there is still a long way to go, and if I had a wish list of advances in technology, these are what they would be:

1. Alt text included on every website, platform and design

Whenever a person adds an image on social media, blog or business page, there will be a 2 step authentication. Meaning the user or program cannot continue until every image, memes and video has a detailed description inserted before they can continue.

Alt text is a labelling element needed on images for blind people to know what is in an image/ photograph.

Blind people use screen readers which is a text to speech software that reads everything upon the screen to a person.

However images, photography, memes and other such visual elements are read as a bunch of numbers and letters.

To combat this, alt text was set up. At the moment this is not mandatory and needs to be inputted manually. Most people who use the internet do not know this is a thing.

If this was a mandatory authentication, it would allow blind people to be included and not discriminated against.

5 Tech Wishes
Thinking Out Loud

2. Camera’s with built-in screen reader software.

Every camera would have built-in screen reader software that once activated can give the blind person feedback on the settings and what each setting does.

This essentially would be a built-in manual for those who cannot see to read the booklet that comes with the camera.

Camera’s have to have visual recognition software.

Every camera has recognition software built-in. So when a blind person turns on the camera the blind person is given a visual description of what the lens is pointing at.

For example if a person wanted to take a landscape photo of a snow-capped mountain, it would say:

Snow-capped mountain in focus

And would give verbal direction to the user to get the correct shot, i.e. up, down, left, right.

3. Every TV to have built-in screen reader software.

Every TV should have screen reader software built-in, which can be easily activated or deactivated by the touch of a button. This button would also have to be situated in the same place on every TV remote control, so blind people could find it with ease.

Blind people love to watch TV too. Having every TV set up with screen reading software would mean that a blind person could point the remote at the TV, read the TV guide and click the select button to watch.

When a channel is turned, it would then announce the channel number, what is playing and what is on next.

5 Tech Wishes
Lightbulb moments on where technology can take us next

4. Audio description and subtitles everywhere.

Audio description and subtitles to be included for every channel on and offline.

Not every blind person wants to use audio description when watching the tv or going to the cinema. Likewise not every deaf person wants to read subtitles. But we are not given the option.

Unless the TV program is popular and on regularly, then these adaptations are not included.

Whether you are watching an episode on repeat or watching a film the day it’s released, every disabled person should have the same right to watch and enjoy them in an adapted and equal way.


As I mentioned at the beginning, technology has come a long way in just the last 10 years. However it’s the disabled community that is left behind.

We are in 2017 and most of these technologies are already in process, but it is not regulated to give every person equal opportunities / rights.

I will also say – although I think my camera ideas are fantastic, we may not yet have the technological capacity to do them yet. But let me know!

I like to think these adaptations can be made easily – but in reality I’m a technophobe, and have zero clue about making my Top 5 Tech Wishes possible!

Best wishes,



Sassy is a disability blogger and lives near London with her fiance Gary and guide dog Ida.

She promotes awareness and inclusion alongside inviting others with a disability to share their story too.

You can find her on the following:

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/@SassyWyatt

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