My 5 Top Tech Wishes by BAFTA-winner, Catherine Allen

My 5 Top Tech Wishes
Catherine and her VR headset

Catherine is a BAFTA-winning, immersive media specialist. She has been responsible for a range of high profile digital entertainment products and has worked with major brands including Disney, Siemens and the BBC. Catherine’s expertise spans across the fields of:

– Virtual reality 

– Augmented reality

– Entertainment & educational apps

My Circle UK is delighted that Catherine has joined the “My 5 Top Tech Wishes’ blog series.

Here are her 5 Top Tech Wishes:

1. A ‘Tinder for discussion groups’.

I love having interesting conversation and debate with smart, curious people. These kind of conversations I tend to stumble upon though, rather than actively pursue.

An app that helped people curate in-person discussion groups, and made pursuing this sort of experience less weird would be pretty awesome.

2. An app to help me regularly keep in touch with family friends who live in different cities.

I would tell it how often I want to connect with certain friends or family. If I haven’t spoken to that person in a while then my phone reminds me to call them – and maybe even sets up the call for me. It would say, for instance, ‘Catherine, you haven’t spoken to Clara in 3 weeks. Why don’t you give her a call this afternoon; your diary is clear’. So simple, yet would be really handy!
Catherine Allen
Catherine Allen

3. A network of high quality video chat restaurants.

You can ‘have a meal’ with someone on the other side of the world; this global chain of restaurants would all look the same, wherever you are. When you eat, you sit in front of a life size HD screen, where you can see your friend in front of you, also eating with you. Waiters would time it so food comes out at the same time for both of you. One of my best friends lives in LA, and in terms of how we keep in touch, this would be a real game changer for us both.

4. Hangover free alcohol.

Think of the increase in the nation’s productivity!

5. The contraceptive pill, for men (or an equivalent)

What do think of Catherine’s ideas? Do you agree or have you got other ideas that you’d like to see invented?
Do let us know.

You can read more about Catherine and her work here: Catherine Allen

 Or connect with her on Twitter too: Catherine Allen

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