My 5 Top Tech Wishes

My 5 Top Tech Wishes
My 5 Top Tech Wishes


I love technology and I still often marvel at how much we have achieved.

You have to stop and wonder where it will end, and sometimes that thought can be a little daunting.

Before we reach the point of no return, I’d love to these five things make an appearance:

 1. Linear Social Media

Let’s start off gently! In this day and age, this one shouldn’t be too much to ask for. In fact, all the networks start off this way, and then they get greedy and only show the big accounts, in the hope smaller ones will pay to be seen.

This is not only annoying as hell to me as a blogger, but also as a general user. If I follow someone, it’s because I want to see their posts (and preferably the recent ones, not the ones from two days ago that the network deemed more popular).

2. A Way to Upload Our Personalities and Live Forever

And now we’re diving into the crazy. I honestly believe this is the closest we will come to immortality (I wonder how many vampires are reading this and laughing?!).

Some sort of super computer where we can upload our memories, our likes and dislikes, basically everything that makes us unique.

We could then live on forever.

Imagine the possibilities that opens – we would never have to lose great minds before their research was complete, and we would no longer have any need to fear death as it wouldn’t exist anymore.

The nearest thing I’ve seen to the idea was the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror.

My 5 Top Tech Wishes
Debbie’s mobile phone screen

3. A Pill That Would Give Us Our Daily Nutrients

I’m not sure if this would technically be a techie thing, but it sure would take a lot of technical knowledge to pull it off.

Imagine just taking a pill every day that was perfectly tailored to your exact nutritional needs. There would be no more need to buy food, cooking appliances and everything that goes along with it.

And it would do wonders for the environment – no more killing animals for food, ravishing crops and finding somewhere to store all of our waste products.

4. Robots to Do All the Time Consuming Tasks Around the House

It would be great to have some sort of robot to do all of our household chores wouldn’t it? One for washing, ironing and putting clothes away. One for cooking, shopping and clearing up etc.

But then again, I’m kind of inclined to believe they would take over. But could they do any worse a job on the planet than the human race have?

5. The Micro Chip Smart Phone

I know this one will freak a lot of people out, but I actually like the idea of having a microchip inserted somewhere in my body that works the same as a smart phone. Calls, texts, internet etc. would display on a holographic screen in front of you.

No more losing or damaging your phone. No more battery running out on you at the worst possible times.

Controlling it with your thoughts in the same way you can walk, without consciously having to think about the movement you’re making.

If this is a stretch too far, even a smart phone with a longer battery life would be nice!

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