‘My 5 Top Tech Wishes’

My 5 Top Tech Wishes
My 5 Top Tech Wishes

This series lists technology that hasn’t been invented yet!

Our lives are surrounded by and often fuelled by technology. It is rapidly changing the way that we work, meet and generally engage with society and it’s surroundings.

But sometimes the technology doesn’t quite deliver – and we expect so much of it.

After all – in Back to the Future II, we thought there might be flying cars by 2015!

The ‘My 5 Top Tech Wishes’ are from all elements of peoples lives – whether this is at home, work, personal life, sport etc.

Maybe you have a fitbit, but what you actually need is a ‘Kit’ in your car, to tell you to walk to the station rather than drive!

Or it might be that you want to walk into a supermarket and digitally see next to every item the cost comparisons with other stores. So you can easily make an informed decision about buying a more expensive product.

There are so many ideas within the ‘5 Tech Wishes’ series – some funny, poignant or just down right crazy!

But you never know – some of them might be a reality one day!

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