Great Grandparents are often a very rare thing.

Great Grandparents
My Nan, my daughter and I

Have you had great grandparents in your life? I was lucky enough to have a Great Nan and now my daughter has hers too.

In fact, she has two great grandparents. Not many children can say that.

There is no doubt that any connection with a child is special. Whether you’re their Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent or Mother or Father.

But there is something quite unique about the love between a Great Grandparent and their Great Grandson / daughter.

Great Grandparents
My Nan with Isla when she was a few months old

My Nan doesn’t live close to us and neither does my partner’s Nan. Which makes the times that we do them extra special.

Isla and I went over to see my Nan on the weekend. She hadn’t been feeling that well, but as the afternoon went on, she livened up and enjoyed the chaos that only a 1 year old can create!

Isla played on her piano, opened her kitchen cupboards and took a great interest in my Nan’s Radio Times and ate lots of cake! There was stuff everywhere.

But if you have seen the programme ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds on Channel 4, then you’ll know and understand that excitement and joy being around young children can bring older people.

I think being in the company of children makes you think and act differently.

My Nan often talks about events, holidays, dramas that happened over her lifetime, but rarely of when she was single.

She was married to my Grandad for 60 years, so perhaps this isn’t surprising.

But on the weekend, she told me a story of how she and her friend were on their way home from the cinema and got caught in torrential rain. They were peering into windows, getting soaked and then from nowhere just started singing:

I’m singing in the rain.

Her and her friend were dancing along the street singing as loudly as they could do.

The image of her splashing about in the rain in London, just before the war started, was really vivid to me.

Great Grandparents
Great Grandparents
Great Grandparents
Great Grandparents

My Nan is incredible full stop though.

She is wise, funny, kind witty and multi-talented.

Painting, play the piano and cooking incredibly well, are just a few of her skills. She has held several different jobs over the course of her life time, including in a munitions factory during the war and has travelled the world.

And has also suffered great loss – the loss of her son and husband being some of the most painful for her.

But goodness she embraces life.

She continues to learn every day and has steadily been learning to use the computer. My Nan also has an iPad, is on Facebook and WhatsApp and is a regular user of the BBC iPlayer.

Technology has advanced at a rate of knots and my Nan has kept up with every second of it.

This is so wonderful – not only for her. But for us. As I mentioned, we don’t live near to her, but we can now send her photos, videos and links. She’ll even read this blog. At 91 years old.

I have no idea how technology will have changed by the time my daughter is 91 – but I hope she is like my Nan and grasps every opportunity that it brings her.

It is always truly special to see my daughter and my Nan together – 90 years’ difference between them, but so much in common.

They are both vibrant, colourful individuals who bring joy and laughter to each other.

I did manage to tidy the chaos before we left on the weekend – although there were little paw prints around the house to remind my Nan that we had been there.

She’s coming over to spend some time with my Mum in a few weeks’ time, so Isla and her will get to hang out again soon…

Great Grandparents
Isla and my Nan laughing together

Here is to all the new and precious memories that will be made.

I would love to see and hear the stories about the relationship between your children and any great grandparents.

Please do let me know about them – all of these relationships should be celebrated.

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