Whilst setting up this site last week I was adamant that the only images I wanted to include were of sun, sea and sand – no others were needed. So adamant, that I started to question why I was so hell bent on just one type of image?! Apart from the glaringly obvious reason that these things are always good to look at and take in.

And then it struck me – for at least the last month or so I’ve had an itching, a craving, a desire, a need – to just travel. Travel the country, travel Europe, travel the world! In fact, if I could, I would be on a plane sipping awful wine and feverishly marking up my Lonely Planet book. Not sitting in my oh so quiet kitchen, knowing that longingness for adventure, travel, the unknown is about as far away from me as it possibly can be.

Budgets, long-haul travel with a one year old and a partner that has such flexibility in his work I never know when we might have some free time together, puts a pretty blunt stop to the whirring chain of travel thoughts in my head.

So – I’ve been working on how the dreary wet summer days need to be made the most of – focussing on how life is for living and doesn’t have to be filled with the drama and craziness of life on the road.

And this weekend helped me to do just that.

A good friend had his 50th birthday celebrations and a mutual friend was there, who is currently battling cancer. It was heart-breaking to see her fragility and how her inner strength was being pushed to the very core of her being, just so she can stay alive and see her children grow up, let alone worry about whether she was going to travel and see the world…

It was an absolute joy to see her – my time with her that night felt utterly precious. I woke up to hazy, now treasured memories, of prosecco filled fun, laughter and above all a depth of friendship.

Travel and adventure is fulfilling, eye-opening and extraordinary. But life is for living wherever that may be – some are grappling at every straw to have that privilege and I’m determined to make the most each moment I have been given.