Are you struggling with everyday life?

Struggling With Everyday Life?
Struggling with everyday life?

This can feel quite overwhelming can’t it.

How do you cope when you knee-deep in a work project without any support? Or you have so much to juggle at home, that you don’t know where to start?

It can feel like you are fighting every second of the day and you’re not sure how you’ll actually get through the next hour, let alone the day or the week.

I have had several moments like this in my life – both professionally and personally.

There is one example that particularly stands out from my career. It happened just as I was about to deliver the biggest event of my life.

I had worked long, long hours over the course of three months and was utterly exhausted. There was lots of potential for the event to go wrong. We had planned live link-ups to Ang Lee, the Oscar winner from Life of Pi and Broke Back Mountain and the wonderful Sir David Attenborough was our key note speaker too.

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Struggling With Everyday Life
Ang Li during the live link up to my event

I was feeling the pressure!

The day of the event came round and in the space of the about an hour at about 6am, I managed to fall down a huge flight of stairs and severely bruise myself and then within 1/2hr one of my riggers had a severe epileptic fit and was rushed off to hospital.

As I write this, it doesn’t seem that pressurised and that I am being slightly over-dramatic. But at that one moment in time, it felt like the world was crushing in on me.

I literally didn’t know how I was going to get through the day – I felt broken. Physically and emotionally.

And then I stopped.

Stopped, breathed and waited a little.

Yes, waited.

Because sometimes you just need a break.

In this situation, it was literally only 5 minutes, because our audience started arriving and a million and one calls were coming over the radio for me to respond to.

But I needed a moment to recognise what had just happened and realise that actually it was all going to be ok.

It has taken me a long while to realise that this is how I need to manage my emotions, reactions and feelings when I’m feeling pressure.

And hopefully now I know how to handle them slightly better.

Struggling With Everyday Life
Me introducing the event, after the fall and the team member being rushed to hospital

When I am up against the clock and my to-do list is as long as my arm and I literally can’t type any faster – I have to walk away. Seems crazy doesn’t it. Walking away should be the last thing you do.

But you need air, a cup of tea, a chat, or to send a quick text. To have a moment for yourself.

Sometimes it might feel like that deadline is so far out of arms reach that you you’ll fall flat on your face.

But you won’t.

You see most of us our jugglers.

We can talk on the phone, cook dinner, be writing a list and stop our child putting their finger in the fire simultaneously. And we do this regularly. Men and women.

We just forget in the heat of these pressurised moments that we have such great capacity.

That we have the capacity to cope and manage a situation.

We just need to break down what is immediately in front of us.

So when you’re struggling with everyday life – battling time, money, work, life, relationships.

Take a break.

I’m not promising it will solve everything, but it will certainly make you a little lighter and think slightly differently about where you are at that exact moment in time.

Let me know if you use this method too. Or if you have another mechanism to get through – we all need as many tactics in our pocket as we can!

Download this small reminder, to put on your fridge / wall / office too…..